Friday, July 10, 2009

Talent is not always visible to the naked eye.

There are many ways to measure progress.

The discovery of talent and matching it to a place where that talent can make a difference is like oxygen to a mountain climber nearing the summit of Mt. Rainier. Who wouldn't be bored and "have negative and disruptive behaviors" stuck in a sheltered workshop sticking labels on plastic bags for 15 years, earning about 15 bucks a month? People we thought couldn't possibly do much more, are showing us that they can learn to read, use a computer, communicate, and complete complex tasks. Anyone who can move a body part, whether unaided or with assistive technology can do something productive and work.

The community and local businesses are learning too. Sometimes workers with disabilities change a workplace for the better simply by their presence, even if their contribution appears small when measured against an employee who can do everything. Workers with disability bring a new diversity to the community....a presence that does not instill weariness....rather one that inspires us all to be courageous and find new ways to work together.

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