Thursday, August 27, 2009

Discovering Interests and Talents

Job Seekers explore their interests, talents, capabilities, and support needs with the expertise and guidance of AtWork! professional Employment Consultants. During discovery they identify which interests and talents have the potential to lead to future employment opportunities. They also have the chance to “try on” various work activities through tours, volunteering and job shadowing.

• Exploration – Job seeker’s identify their dreams, goals, personal preferences, life experiences, and needs based on the complexities of their lives.
• Assessments – AtWork! Employment Consultants work with the individual and their support team to determine job appropriateness.
• Volunteering – Job seekers learn about work environments and experience work tasks that give them the chance to identify what they like to do and what work they find exciting and interesting.
• Job Tours – Job seekers tour actual employment sites that match the individual’s interests.
• Work Trials – Job seekers shadow an employee within a business, performing tasks and responsibilities, to get an in depth view of the job they expect and want to hold.

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