Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What is “Customized Employment”?

Customized Employment means individualizing the relationship between job seekers and employers in ways that meet the needs of both. It is based on a determination of the unique strengths, requirements, and interests of a person with a complex life. The process is designed to meet the workplace needs of the employer and the discrete tasks of the position. When a customized relationship is developed, a shared employment alliance results.

There are four steps to the process.
• Discovery: Job Seekers explore their interests, talents, capabilities, and support needs with the expertise and guidance of AtWork! professional Employment Consultants. During discovery job seekers identify which interests and talents have the potential to lead to future employment opportunities. Job Seekers also have the chance to “try on” various work activities through tours, volunteering and job shadowing.
• Job Development: Job seekers focus their efforts on finding their future job. AtWork! Employment Consultants, using their knowledge of the job applicant and the information developed during the Discovery Step, approach employers on behalf of the individual being served.
• Placement: A time for celebration! When it all comes together and the individual is offered a position that matches their needs and the employers needs, it is a time for congratulations.
• Retention: AtWork! Employment Consultants help the individual keep his or her new found job with on the job coaching and training. The length of time needed will vary depending on the individual’s support needs.

Visit the page jobseekers on this website to learn more about Customized Employment.

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