Tuesday, September 29, 2009

FREE Electronic Recycling

Now that we’ve all converted to digital, what to do with that old TV? Electronics can contain toxic materials such as lead, cadmium, mercury and hazardous chemicals that can harm human health and the environment. Ok, we all know it’s not good for the environment to dump it in a land fill. So it sits around our garage or in the basement, collecting dust waiting for us to figure out what to do.

AtWork!, manager of Issaquah's Recycling Center, has partnered with E‑Cycle Washington to serve as an authorized free drop-off station for recycling computers, CPUs (towers), laptops, monitors and televisions. E-cycling keeps these and other materials out of our landfills and incinerators and conserves natural resources and energy required to make products from scratch. E-cycling helps us all take responsibility for the products we make, buy and use from the beginning to the end of their useful lives.

The recycling center, located at 970 7th Avenue NW, in Issaquah, is open for electronic recycling Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The electronic equipment this program collects will be taken apart and separated into materials such as glass, plastic, metal and toxic chemicals. All recycling will follow performance standards set up by the Department of Ecology.
The recycle center cannot accept keyboards, mice, copiers, scanners, printers, or any other electrical devices. Please note: AtWork! and E‑Cycle Washington are not responsible for the security of remaining data. Please clear your drives before recycling.

All the work of seperating, packaging on pallets, and loading for shipment is done by AtWork!'s clients and staff in our recycle center. Proceeds from this activity go to help pay wages to our clients and support AtWork!'s mission of helping people with disabilities be productive, integrated and contributing members of their communities.

Click here to learn more about E-Cycle Washington or call 1-800-recycle. Click here to learn about AtWork!'s recycling center and all the many products we accept for recycle.

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