Friday, September 11, 2009

Jerry and Fred Meyer Find Each Other

Jerry has been working since he left high school, but there have been several positions and he’s had difficulty retaining employment. Many times he left a job with little notice. As a consequence he did not have good references. His departures were so abrupt, they were a negative. Jerry needed help to make sound decisions in seeking a rewarding position that offered longer term opportunity.

He interviewed at Fred Meyer in Issaquah, along with Dennis Wajda, his AtWork! Employment Consultant, and was hired immediately. Now the challenge was job retention. He adapted very well to his job environment and is happy there.

Jerry is a Front End Cart Attendant with a schedule totaling 35 hours per week. He patrols the parking lot, along with a crew of four, retrieving shopping carts, returning them to the store, fishing out trash and store circulars to recycle or throw away, and keeping the stock of empty carts available for customers.

AtWork! will provide the support that will help Jerry retain his Fred Meyer job and have a successful career. Regular check-ins from Dennis and retraining when needed, open communication with store management and Jerry’s supervisor, will all contribute to success on the job.

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