Thursday, October 1, 2009

Invest in People First!

King County is considering eliminating ALL County general funds for human services in 2010 in order to balance the county budget.


County funding for domestic violence shelters; senior centers; adult day health; emergency food distribution; homeless shelters, including those for youth; services for victims of sexual assault; and programs for youth at risk, and MORE!

The King County Alliance for Human Services urges King County Council to maintain current funding for community health and human services for 2010 while we work together to find a long-term funding solution.

Urgently needed human services have already been cut by almost 50% in the past three years, during a time of dramatically increasing needs and severe economic distress. Our communities cannot sustain any further cuts without deep losses to the human services infrastructure. In addition to reducing human misery, maintaining the infrastructure is also more cost effective. It is much more expensive to rebuild this foundation than to maintain it, and will take years to bring back to current levels if it is dismantled.

Maintaining funding to community health and human services now will save King County money in the long run. Eliminating or reducing human services will drive up the costs of public health and public safety, increasing both human and financial costs to residents of King County.

Maintaining current funding for 2010 will not solve the problem of adequate, stable funding for urgently needed community health and human services in the long-term. Our elected leaders must continue working, unabated, to implement long-term solutions so that services are available when King County residents find themselves in need. And at least until those solutions are in place, this temporary set aside is a critical measure to ensure the strength of our communities.

You can help by contacting members of the King County Council and urge their support for continued funding of human services. You can also voice your concerns at upcoming public hearings on the County’s proposed budget:

October 7 - 7 pm - Bellevue City Chambers
October 13 - 7 pm - Regional Justice Center
October 22 - 7 pm - Redmond City Chambers
October 29 - 7 pm - King County Courthouse, Seattle

Click here to learn more about how you can help by visiting the website of The King County Alliance for Human Services.

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