Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Most Effective Ways to Communicate With Small Employers

When employers were asked, "What are the most effective ways to communicate with small business employers about hiring people with disabilities, most employers agreed that the best way is to have small business employers educating each other. Many employers reported that talking with other employers employing individuals with disabilities would be most effective (46%). Several employers reported that education and training through local and regional business organizations would be effective (39%), and providing information to employers via the internet (21%) would also be beneficial.

Go to the AtWork! website to see a video about how one small business, Kozy Kennels in Redmond, has found employing a person with disabilities has filled a critical need and how customers value the business more because they employ a person with disabilities.

One local network of employers is the Washington State Business Leaders Network, whose mission is to educate and support businesses to recruit, hire, retain, promote, and improve customer services for people with disabilities. Their website has a wealth of information to help businesses understand the benefits to hiring a person with disabilities and links to other web based resources. The WSBLN offers training programs, best practicies workshops and networking opportunities to learn from others who have found employing persons with disaiblities to be a distinct business advantage.

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