Thursday, December 3, 2009

Please help us help those who have been denied access for too long!

AtWork! helps adults with disabilities learn marketable skills, find and keep good jobs in the community, and earn wages and benefits that help them escape poverty. Through assessment of skills, talents, and barriers; job placement in the community; on-the-job precision teaching and job coaching, we find unique opportunities for alliances between employers and a person with a disability. The business need is satisfied and the employee is contributing and feels valued; a life changing experience.

In Fiscal Year 2009 AtWork! placed 20 people in community jobs, great results given the overall unemployment rate. Clients working in community jobs earned over $351,000 at an average hourly wage of $9.58. Ninety people with complex support needs discovered new talents and learned new skills by volunteering in their community. Through 367 tours of businesses and potential job sites; clients encountered new environments, discovered their interests, and built experiences that promote true choice.

Research has shown that 80% of students with disabilities who transition out of school without a job in place will fail to achieve integrated employment as an adult. People with disabilities who don’t have a stable system for long term support in place are less likely to get and retain a job. Funding is needed to help promising students and individuals discovering their pathway to employment as well as those who are employed, be successful in securing and keeping a job.

At this time of year we are grateful for friends and family and think about others and ways we can help. If you are a person who supports people with disabilities, who advocates for full integration by those who have been denied access for so long, please consider giving your financial support to AtWork! Help us to help promising students and individuals discovering their pathway to employment. Help us to help those who are employed, those who are looking for a job, those who are walking their pathway to that job in the community… us to help them be successful.

Make your secure online donation today and thank you for caring.

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