Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wayne Harris, Gig Harbor Costco

In many states I’ve worked in, I’ve been able to work with agencies such as Vadis in order to find employees who can fit niches within my business. All of the jobs we create for these employees have to be positions that are equally as productive as non challenged employees. The trick is to take elements from different jobs and blend them into a new position which they are capable of doing, and doing it at a productive level. I end up with another productive employee for my business – that’s the payback. We find that these individuals are tremendously reliable, they are always available for work, and very rarely are they ever sick. They come in and are very focused on the job at hand, and overall it’s a win. First off, with a little bit of work, the hardest position is the first position because it is something new for you to do - to create a new position for an employee with a challenge. But once you get over that hump, it’s easy after that.

Once you get some people into your business, and you see how much value they offer to the business, and how much your employees become attached to those individuals, you’ll find yourself looking for other ways to add to your workforce. As far as questions I’ve been asked in the past by businesspeople like, “What if the person doesn’t work out and we have to let them go, I mean I am worried about a lawsuit?” It’s never happened. I’ve let numerous individuals go. You know, it’s like if you don’t take a chance and you don’t give somebody a try, how will we ever know. So there’s no reason to be fearful of that. You will end up with an excellent employee if you give it just a little bit of time. And we have great support from the agencies. So my challenge for all businesses is this: find a way to employ one or two individuals in your location. I guarantee you’ll be happy you did, it’ll be good for your organization, and it will have the largest impact on reducing the rolls of unemployed in that group of people.

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