Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Giving Tip #6 - Trust Your Charity

Final tip from Charity Navigator: "Giving Tip #6 - Trust your charity: After you have thoroughly vetted a charity, trust it to spend your gift appropriately. Donors who designate their donations for specific activities hamstring charities and can become a roadblock in the charity’s quest to do good work. Charities need unrestricted gifts so that they have the flexibility to respond to changing demands for their services."

We hope these last five posts on our blog have helped you to understand that AtWork! is managed by a committed board of directors and outstanding professional staff, that AtWork! pursues its mission openly and honestly and that AtWork! is engaged in work that changes lives.

Unrestricted gifts will help us to be creative. It often takes creativity and persistence to develop supports and opportunities for individuals with disabilities, especially those with complex support needs. It is not about fixing people, it is not about training people to do what we might think they should be doing, it is not about asking for conformity to our way of doing things. It is about discovering talents and skills, it is about finding ways those talents and skills can be used to benefit a business, it is about letting people choose their own destiny.

If you are moved to invest in the work we do and invest in the lives of people with disabilities, we would gratefully accept your contribution. Your gift of time, talent and treasure will change lives, create opportunity, and help those we serve find their place in our communities.

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