Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Good Community Is a Place Where More & More People Say, "I Make A Difference Because of What I Offer."

Community members give practical help in figuring out how to match the person’s capacities to work that needs doing and assuring that person can see how they make a difference to the whole effort. Information and knowledge are shared and they open clear ways that people can contribute ideas to the way things are done. Community members facilitate connections to networks and associations. They encourage people to recruit, support and build alliances. They offer opportunities for people to be well-informed ambassadors of the effort.

Good community networkers look around and discover ways that people with disabilities can contribute. They seize on opportunities and connect those who want to work with those who are looking for workers. They think outside the box and don’t just assume that if a person’s skills and talents match only part of a job that there is not a place for them. Sometimes workers with disabilities change a workplace for the better simply by their presence, even if their contribution appears small when measured against an employee who can do everything. Workers with disability bring a new diversity to the community....a presence that does not instill weariness....rather one that inspires us all to be courageous and find new ways to work together.

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