Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Good Community Is a Place Where More & More People Say, “I can get what I need to make my contribution.”

More community settings cultivate encouragement where people help people see their abilities. They hold high, positive expectations that people will find ways to contribute, they support people to stretch a bit outside their comfort zone. People in a community are willing to make adjustments, to modify environments, procedures or routines to make it possible for everyone to participate more effectively. When people need personal assistance they have it in a way that doesn’t take away from their dignity or diminish their participation. They honor people’s preferences about who they want to assist them and what their preferences are.

When people with disabilities hold down a job, good employers expect as much from those employees as they do from the rest of their workforce. They understand that each person has their own way of completing their responsibilities and make adjustments or modify environments so that the person with a disability can be accountable for their work. They encourage and evaluate all of their employees, including those with disabilities and are willing to give them more challenging assignments that allow the person with a disability to grow in their job and within their chosen vocation. At all times they respect the person’s choices, knowing that their employee has the capacity and the capabilities needed to excel.

We invite you to welcome, encourage and assist others to join in and contribute.

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