Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Attract New Customers by Becoming a BluePath Business

BluePath promotes businesses that welcome people with disabilities as valuable customers.

Until restaurant reviews include comments on accessibility, potential customers with disabilities may only guess whether they can get into the restaurant and enjoy the food. The same is true for other retail establishments, hotels, and businesses, especially when one is traveling and in unfamiliar territory. At the same time, business owners may incorrectly assume their building is completely accessible, when relatively minor changes might vastly improve the ease with which customers with disabilities could use it. A new resource by Northwest ADA Center, called BluePath, should help both business owners and customers get together.

BluePath provides information for people with disabilities about where to shop, dine or go for fun. Through the directory of business profiles, customers with disabilities can find detailed descriptions of accessible features for locations in their community or travel destination, making it easier for them to travel through their world. Reviews and ratings from previous customers provide further information about their experience at the business. BluePath helps people with disabilities find businesses that are usable and committed to serving them.

Become a BluePath Member - FREE until June 2010!

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