Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Public Comments from AtWork!

Fourth of five excerpts from testimony by Chris Brandt before the City of Bellevue Human Services Commission, March 16, 2010.

Like most nonprofits, AtWork! has experienced funding reductions. In 2007 AtWork! received $475,000 from United Way. In 2010 we will receive $150,000. This is a significant impact to an organization with a $3.5 million annual budget. We have “replaced” most of this revenue through our own fundraising efforts, but we can’t help but think how many more people would have jobs today if this funding source had continued at a higher level of support.

Our commercial revenues, particularly in the recycling business have decreased due to the economy. We expect to generate about 1.5 million in commercial revenue from our new business, document management.

AtWork! uses Bellevue funds to leverage dollars from other sources. We receive funding from other 4 other cities to support the community liaison position that helps us develop volunteer opportunities and paid jobs. Without Bellevue’s support, it is unlikely we would capture funds from other cities. The City is counted as a partner in all of our grant applications. Bellevue has taken a lead role in helping AtWork! implement Washington State’s Working Age Adult Policy by funding the transitional employment consultant position. Support from the City adds credibility to funding applications. Individual donors are pleased when their dollars are stretched further because they are combined with the tax dollars the City targets for human services within their home town.

Read the continuation of Chris Brandt’s testimony here at the AtWork! blog on April 1st.

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