Thursday, March 4, 2010

Reward Yourself With Visibility and New Customers

Through barrier removal and diligent assessment of accessible features, businesses earn membership in BluePath and are promoted through an online directory. BluePath actively advertises its member businesses to people with disabilities and the organizations that work with them. BluePath helps businesses connect with an underutilized market of people with money to spend.

Through virtual feedback and response, BluePath facilitates a positive discussion about the needs of the customers and the abilities of the business to provide the best customer experience possible. BluePath aims to create understanding and build trust between businesses and people with disabilities. Through a variety of media, businesses can access technical assistance and information about accessibility guidelines, tax incentives, customer service and disability etiquette tips. BluePath seeks to calm the anxiety of businesses who don’t know where to begin when dealing with laws and codes

BluePath promotes businesses that have demonstrated minimum standards through a self-assessment process and seeks to advertise businesses that are user-friendly and have made a commitment to maintain as accessible an environment as possible.

Become a BluePath Member - FREE until June 2010!

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