Friday, April 30, 2010

Does America Have a Sustainable Culture? – Part 2

Excerpts from a speech delivered by AtWork! CEO, Chris Brandt, at the AtWork! 2010 fundraising breakfast, March 25th, 2010.

All of us must make and sustain a commitment to helping people with disabilities achieve equality and justice in our society if we are to sustain the American dream. America does not have a sustainable culture until it can unequivocally state: “With liberty and justice for ALL”.

What is your vision of a sustainable culture? The radio host had the final say and decided that a sustainable culture expects integrity and responsibility for obligations from its citizens. I decided that day that in my vision of a sustainable culture everyone knows that they belong, that people care if they show up and notice if they don’t. AtWork! helps people with disabilities find a place to belong. In my vision, everyone contributes and has purpose and meaning in their lives. AtWork! helps people with disabilities discover their talents and matches them with a business who needs their talents.
AtWork! made a commitment to leave no one behind. That means we will sustain our commitments to people with complex support needs, people that others might label as too disabled to work or unemployable. In AtWork!’s vision of a sustainable culture, my vision becomes true for everyone regardless of the severity or complexity of their disability.

Some of you have made that commitment too. Many of you have joined us in this last great civil rights movement for a sustainable culture. A culture renown for equal opportunity for people with all types of disabilities, including cognitive and multiple disabilities. A culture celebrated for its sustainable opportunities for people with disabilities to live in typical places where other people live, not in institutions where your only neighbors are inside a fence and have disabilities too. A society distinguished by sustainable jobs for people with disabilities that match the interests and talents of this untapped and eager workforce and that create sustainable benefit to a business’ bottom-line.

Read this blog on May 4th, to learn more about how you can contribute to a sustainable culture.

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