Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Discovery Process on the Employment Pathway

This is the 2nd in a series describing elements along a pathway to employment for persons with disabilities.

The Discovery Process is when intensive individualized efforts are made to identify a task or tasks the jobseeker could perform at competitive levels as well as other information needed to be sure he/she will be successful in employment (such as assistive technology needs, on the job supports, or other support needs) that a traditional assessment may not provide. This process includes interviewing those who know the jobseeker, observing him or her in different community and home settings to learn more about the job seeker and how he/she demonstrates his/her abilities in different environments.

There may be multiple trial work experiences that give the job seeker limited experience in a job to test out interests and skills. Job trials also provide a way to identify appropriate environmental and support needs as well as tasks in which the job seeker may be competitively employed.

Discovery generally lasts 2-3 months and may be extended if a job task(s) is not identified. The discovery process may also be repeated over the working life of an individual because vocational goals change or the market for that task or skill becomes outmoded. Often volunteer situations at a non-profit are used to give the job seeker some additional time to learn about work culture and to learn more difficult tasks. The professional supporting the job seeker will research the job market to match the job seeker’s skills and preferences to possible employment opportunities.

Discovery is complete once a potentially competitive task or set of tasks are identified and an employment profile is developed that includes: an employment goal that meets the job seekers skills, talents and interests; a direction for job development and a list of specific tasks the individual can perform competitively; timelines for review of progress toward goal and routine review and evaluation.

In our June 8th blog we’ll review Employment Assessment.

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