Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Employment Assessment: The Next Step on the Pathway to Employment

This is the 3rd in a series describing elements along a pathway to employment for persons with disabilities.

Employment assessments are short term interventions often used when the job seeker is not well known or when the discovery process has not revealed the ideal employment conditions or needed supports. These assessments always follow Department of Labor rules and timelines.

An assessment may include developing assessment sites or volunteer positions to try out various tasks and skills. These “Trial Work Experiences” give the job seeker a limited experience in a job to test out preferences, skills, and support needs. The professional supporting the job seeker will be involved in orientation and training and will observe the individual in different community and home settings including familiar and unfamiliar venues. The professional will also research the job market to match the job seekers skills and preferences to possible employment opportunities.

The assessment report describes the job seekers current level of performance, preferences, learning styles, supports or accommodations needed, behavioral challenges (and strategies to reduce the likelihood of the behavior occurring); habits, routines and idiosyncrasies; summary information about potential needs for accessibility, assistance, technology and/or personal assistance in the workplace.

In our June 10th blog we’ll review Job Preparation.

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