Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Finding the Right Job on the Pathway to Employment

This is the 5th in a series describing elements along a pathway to employment for persons with disabilities.

All the preparation is done and now it is time to look for that ideal job. The professional supporting the job seeker will conduct a labor market analysis, research and target potential employers, perhaps take the job seeker on tours of businesses of interest. In evaluating businesses to target, the professional is looking for an environment that is suitable to the needs of the job seeker and will use that analysis to help identify potential employers. The professional is also analyzing where the prospective employer will benefit from the talents and skills of the job seeker.

When approaching a potential employer the professional introduces the individual and identifies where the job seeker’s skills and talents match the needs of the business. The professional is also educating prospective employers about the benefits of hiring a person with disabilities as well as ways to overcome barriers to employment such as personal and assistive technology support needs.

It is the professionals responsibility to support the job seeker in negotiating with the prospective employer and to assist him/her in the interview process which might be a traditional interview or could be a working interview where the job seeker demonstrates the skills and talents he/she offers to the employer. The ultimate goal is an employment offer that meets the needs and preferences of the employer and the job seeker.

In our June 17th blog we’ll review Intensive On-the-Job Supports

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