Thursday, June 17, 2010

Getting Off to the Right Start in a New Job

This is the 6th in a series describing elements along a pathway to employment for persons with disabilities.

A satisfying job the matches the employee and the employers needs requires carefully putting place supports that will help the new employee be successful. It may include arranging for public or private transportation to the job with training if required. There most likely will be a customized job description created that the new employee is expected to perform that takes advantage of his/her skills and talents.

The professional supporting the new employee will help with orienting him/her to the job which may include assistance with training. It may also include helping co-workers understand the best method of communication and helping a supervisor understand how to give direction and support. Throughout the professional will maintain continuous communication with the employee, the employer and the employee’s family.

Once the employee is deemed to be stable in the job with “natural supports” in place the professional gradually withdraws from hands on intensive supports by stepping back to allow the employee as much independence as possible. The professional develops a plan for checking back in to see how the new employee is progressing in the new job and remains connected to the employer and to the employees family.

In our June 22nd blog we’ll review Maintaining Employment

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