Thursday, June 10, 2010

Preparing for the Job on the Pathway to Employment

This is the 4th in a series describing elements along a pathway to employment for persons with disabilities.

Having discovered the interests and preferences of the job seeker and assessed those skills and abilities he/she does best, plus needed supports on the job, the focus turns to getting ready to take the responsibilities that go with employment. This step in the process could include learning to travel to and from the job, practicing interview skills, obtaining needed permits such as first aid training or food handler’s permit, developing a resume, and completing employment applications.

Travel training may be needed in order for the individual be comfortable using public transportation or arranging for specialized or private transportation. Interview practice is sometimes accomplished by experiencing mock interviews. A resume may be a traditional resume or it could be a portfolio of work accomplished or a video resume that demonstrates the job seekers skills and abilities. These preparations are helpful to anyone seeking employment and are particularly useful for those individuals who have never before held a job in the community.

In our June 15th blog we’ll review Marketing the Job Seeker and Job Development.

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