Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Supported Employment Pathway

A committee of Supported Employment Organizations in King County Washington has been working over the past year to create an “Employment Pathway Grid”, an attempt to develop a commonly understood definition of the process by which people with disabilities obtain employment. The desired outcome for a pathway is always paid employment and/or self employment. However, since the process for obtaining employment is individualized, it is not always a linear process requiring all elements described in the “Grid”.

Over the next month we will be exploring each element described in the grid, the tools and strategies used and the measures that define progress for that element. Also included will be definitions for specific elements plus values and critical success factors. Our hope is to help you, our readers, understand what is meant by “Employment Pathway” and something about the process by which a person with disabilities is supported on that journey.

The process begins with Intake. The journey begins with an interview with the job seeker and his/her family. The organization providing the employment services gives an overview of services offered as well as how they are funded. A participant handbook is reviewed and at that initial meeting paperwork and documents, records, history and information is gathered, including Social Security. Job seekers and their families are given documentation that describes their rights as well as their responsibilities. Each job seeker is given resource information that will connect them with funding sources, social security information, and other available resources as needed.

This interview process is designed to give jobseekers and their families the knowledge they need to engage in a successful process and create a shared understanding of all roles and responsibilities. Additionally a preliminary benefits analysis is completed and where appropriate funding through the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation is secured.

In our June 3rd blog we’ll review the Discovery Element of an Employment Pathway.

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