Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bellevue Needs to Support Human Services Funding

The following is excerpted from a presentation made by AtWork! CEO, Chris Brandt, during a budget hearing on July 19th, before the Bellevue City Council.

The City of Bellevue has consistently demonstrated its commitment to its citizens with disabilities through its on-going support of AtWork! including funding our program services with funds you have dedicated to human services, allocating CDBG capital funds, and deeding us the newly remodeled facility off Bel-Red Road. Thank you.

In tough economic times, your continued commitment is more challenging as our need for your support is more essential. We support the Budget One process. AtWork!’s services like the new City Budget are systematic, data driven, and evidence-based. We placed 20 people with disabilities in jobs in the community last year. We currently support 67 adults with significant disabilities who are working. Our services have a significant cost/benefit. We engage in job creation, helping businesses find opportunities for people with disabilities to work and improve their bottom-line.

I’ve attended meetings of the Human Services Commission where I have observed Commissioners and City staff working hard to make tough decisions. They are making solid recommendations to continue funding programs like AtWork! and to make investments in services that address emergent needs that are on the rise due to the recession.

We encourage you to maintain your investment in the human services infrastructure of our community. An innovative, vibrant, and caring community is possible only when all citizens have access and opportunity to work and to the other services they need. Outcome based budgeting makes sense. Know that you have and will continue to achieve significant outcomes from your local human service agencies. Like you, we are accountable for the results we achieve. Your staff and commissioners expect results from the programs they recommend for funding and monitor these results. You are making sound investments when you fund their recommendations.

Thank you the opportunity to speak to you this evening and for your on-going support.

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