Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Businesses That Hire People With Disabilities Often Have A Positive Bottom Line

Excerpt from an interview with Chris Brandt, AtWork! CEO, on NW Focus. Click here to see the entire interview.

Unfortunately in our country today being born with a disability or acquiring one later in life sets you up for a life of poverty and isolation. That’s not good for the person with a disability but it’s also not good for our society either. We are investing resources and trying to support people in a way that doesn’t help them to become independent and self sufficient.

That’s what AtWork! is all about, being leaders and champions of that equal rights movement [8/3/10 blog] and demonstrating to the world what people with disabilities really can do by discovering their talents. We use strategies that we call Customized Employment that are very innovative and very personalized.

They involve the person with a disability and all the people who care about them in their lives coming together and discovering the best pathway to a job in the community, a life-long career. Together we figure out how our professional staff, Employment Consultants and Job Coaches, can work with the person and their circle of support, those people who care about them, to help them find their best niche, their best job.

We all want to have jobs we love. I love my job. I get to help people change their lives every day. I get to help businesses contribute to their bottom line in a new way because businesses that hire people with disabilities often have a positive bottom line. They make more money, their work place changes in positive ways. So it’s not just the person with a disability changing. I get to see how our society is changing as people with disabilities are more and more included in the community and people develop relationships and friendships and enrich our lives.

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