Tuesday, September 28, 2010

AtWork! Supports It’s Mission Through Fees, Contributions, and Earned Income

Excerpt from an interview with Chris Brandt, AtWork! CEO, on NW Focus. Click here to see the entire interview.

We will work with people who do not have funding through the Division of Developmental Disabilities or the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and we are doing that now. Some families are privately paying because they know that paying for a bit of service for a time period will help their son or daughter become stable in their employment and get a job. AtWork! is a 501(c)3 private non-profit organization. We charge a fee for our services either to the government who pays us for providing services on a monthly basis or for achieving outcomes. We find a person a job we get paid. People who aren’t eligible for those funding sources can pay us with a similar fee on a sliding scale to provide services.

Beyond fees we have a number of ways of raising revenue to support our mission. We operate several lines of business. We have a landscaping business, we have recycling center in Issaquah and packing and assembly business and this month we’re launching a new line of business, USArchive powered by AtWork!. It is a document management business. We can do document imaging, secure storage and document destruction for all types of government and private businesses.

We operate these businesses to generate revenue for our mission but also to have opportunities for people with disabilities to discover their talents. If someone doesn’t have any work experience and are not sure what kind of work they’d like to do we might want to do an assessment and discovery process. They may work for a while in each of those businesses and also at the same time they might work in the community trying find a place for those skills to match up with an employer.

We also do fundraising so we get support from the community and individuals. If you go to www.atworkwa.org you can donate and you can help us transform lives of people with disabilities and change the face of employment. Having a person with disabilities employed in every business in our state would be a wonderful thing.

You can also click on the Recycle button. We are one of the E-Cycle Washington drop off locations. If you have TV, computer or monitor that you want to recycle safely you can drop them off at the AtWork! Recycle Center in Issaquah (970 7th Ave NW) for FREE and we will sell them to support our mission. The Recycle Center also serves as a skill building opportunity for the people we serve as well as a revenue source.

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