Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Resource for Developmental Disabilities: WAbilities.com

The Developmental Disabilities Council announces the launch of its newest communication, outreach and advocacy tool: www.WAbilities.com.
WAbilities.com is a blog created and managed by the Developmental Disabilities Council to educate and advocate on behalf of Washington State's Developmental Disabilties community. In the blog, the Council will share issues they are working on that may be important to those who advocate on behalf of people with disabilities. In addition the website will highlight important information and news from local communities, and state agencies. The plan is to use WAbilities to share important news and updates for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families, expand the advocacy base, and highlight successful initiatives, programs and individuals.

The Developmental Disabilities Council is working to find new ways to communicate about happenings in Washington State. The Council is interested in hearing from its audience and would appreciate being informed about events and activities that would be important to include in its communication and outreach efforts.

Please be sure to tell everyone you know about WAbilities.com, and make sure to subscribe to ensure that you receive news, information and updates as they occur!

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