Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Barriers People With Disabilities Encounter Trying to Access Services

Many adults with disabilities have experienced cuts in benefits so that their access to dental care, physical and occupational therapy, and other therapies has been significantly impacted. Some of our clients report difficulty getting adequate health care, particularly dental care. Mental health services have been reduced for some. State-funded employment services are in jeopardy and no new clients can enter service without a federal home and community based waiver. Even those with waiver funding are finding capacity of providers is limited due to budget cuts and it is difficult to find a provider with an opening. A recent list of eligible clients disseminated by King County DDD had 40 people with waiver funding currently looking for service. Students coming out of high school who need support to transition to a job are not getting those supports unless they are already on the waiver. Those families with working and aging parents caring for an adult child with disabilities are the individuals most likely to be receiving state-only funding, whose services are most in jeopardy, and are least likely to get services in the near future.

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